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How to Rap Like Eminem - An MC Case Study

Arguably one of the greatest rappers of all time, Eminem is also remains one of the most versatile- razor sharp lyrics coupled with a wholly original sound make him one tough act to follow. A whole new generation of rappers want to learn how to rap like Eminem just as kids on the court want to play like Lebron James. Here are a few steps you can take to sharpen your skills like Slim Shady himself:

Harness the power of internal rhymes. One of the main differences between Eminem and most rappers is his consistent use of internal rhymes. For example, instead of saying "faster than an overweight person who sits down quickly" he says "faster than a fat man that sat down too fast." The more lines in a single line demonstrate a higher level of lyrical skill.

But it's not just internal rhymes. As you can see, "fat," "that," and "sat" all rhyme, but there are several other words with similar vowels: "faster," "than," "man," and "fast." By using words with similar vowels--though not necessarily rhymes--Eminem has hundreds of more words at his disposal for any given verse. This is known as "assonance" and is something you must master if you want to learn how to rap like Eminem.

So how do you go about improving your use of assonance? Simple.

When writing a verse, jot down a few words you'd like to rhyme off of- let's use "attack" as an example. choose three words that sound like "attack" but don't rhyme with it. For example, you could use "smash," "grab" and "taxed." Then, consult your rhyming dictionary and choose five words that rhyme with "smash, grab and taxed." Once you do this, you'll have fifteen words that are closely related to "attack" but aren't as obvious as "back," "crack," "slack" etc.

If you want to learn how to rap like Eminem, you MUST master the use of assonance, as this is the key to his verse development and his unique flow. Practice these exercises and you'll start to see a definite improvement in your lyrical skills.

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Eminem - The Artist of the Decade

Success did not come easily to Eminem. He was first signed by a record company as early as 1992, but his debut album was released only in 1996. That album, called Infinite, sold less than 1000 copies, and many noted that the album borrowed too heavily from other rappers. But with his first hit album, The Slim Shady LP breaking all records, as they say, Eminem was an artist that was different from the one who released his first album. That album was released in February 1999, and over the next 10 decades of the succeeding decade, Eminem has proved himself to be the artist of the decade.

Eminem, named Marshall Mathers after birth, was raised by his single mom in poverty as they lived in different cities of Kansas before they settled in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan when he was 12. He became interested in rap and by the time he was 14, he was already performing amateur raps under the pseudonym M&M - which stood for Marshall Mathers. He later changed his stage name to Eminem - going by the pronunciation of M&M. Here we see Marshall Mathers becoming Eminem in name - as an artist, it would take him many more years.

By the end of the 90', Eminem was ready to hit the charts, and he did that by his first best-selling album The Slim Shady LP, released in year 1999.After that, Eminem has not looked back, though he did take a break from 2005 to 2009. In 2009, he came back with Relapse.

Best Selling Albums by Eminem

From the year 2000 to the end of 2009, Eminem sold a staggering 32.2 million albums in the US, outselling any other artist by a 3:1 margin. The following albums have made him the best selling artist of the decade. This list also shows the top Eminem albums by sales.

  • The Marshall Mathers LP (2000)... 19 million
  • The Eminem Show(2003)...............19 million
  • Encore (2004)................................. 11 million
  • The Slim Shady LP (1999)............... 9 million
  • Recovery (2010)..............................5.7 million
  • Relapse(2009).................................. 4.5 million

These are sales number for worldwide sales, which show that not only has he outsold every artist in the US, he is a giant even in international music. To get a complete idea about what makes him the artist of the decade, it is a great idea to listen to his songs. Just choose any of the above, and listen to the artist of the decade.

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You can also find Eminem lyrics for all his albums.

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Eminem Mixtapes

Eminem, A.K.A. Marshall Mathers was the only child in a low income family in Detroit Michigan. At the age of 12, he made Detroit his official home in which he and his mother both resided until his fame. His first hip hop influence came from the legendary Beastie Boys, with their album "License To Ill." The first Eminem mixtapes popped up at the young age of 14, where Mathers performed under the artist name "M and M." After joining "Bassmint Productions," he released his first EP called "Steppin' Onto The Scene." In 1995, they changed their name to "Soul Intent," and released their first single named "Fuckin' Backstabber," which was released on Mashin' Duck Records. He frequently participated in local freestyle battles as well as released Eminem mixtapes across the town that he lived in. After winning over the acceptance of the hip-hop community, he eventually dropped out of high school to pursue his dream of making it to the top in the industry.

Eminem had his first official record deal with FBT Productions back in 1992, which were owned by the brothers Mark and Jeff Bass. At that point in time, Mathers was upholding a minimum waged job in the industry just to make ends meet. 1996 proved to be a very important year for Eminem with the first full length album release called "Infinite," which was recorded at the Bassmint studios in Detroit. Eminem stated that his earlier works came from a juvenile place, where he was still sorting out and fine tuning his own unique rapping style.

The overwhelming success of Eminem's "Slim Shady EP" was brought back down by the claims that Eminem was trying to copycat the styles of Cage. It wasn't until the CEO of Interscope records decided to request a demo tape from Mathers that Eminem saw his first glimpse at a big break in his career. Having given a influence to Cassidy Mixtapes and French Montana mixtapes was only the beginning. Eminem has seen multi-platinum acclaim for his many full length releases that sell copies by the millions.

Eminem's new album "Recovery" has been rumored to have singles featured on upcoming Cassidy mixtapes, and french Montana mixtapes as well. It seems that all of the biggest producers and MCs are aching to be able to get a piece of what Eminem is delivering. There is no doubt that he will continue to make his mark here in hip hop history for many years to come. Eminem mixtapes will drop in between the albums and keep his buzz going strong.


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Eminem- Short Biography

The story of Eminem is similar to that of his songs, it needs a little censoring. Some may not be appropriate for those viewed as too young, but here I feel it's important to look at why his music, and consequently Eminem himself, appears so angry. Everywhere you look in his life from his hard child hood with an unstable cruel mother, to his well-publicized and rocky relationship with wife Kim, you see that Eminem raps about what he knows. His life is the subject of his music and he makes no excuses. But a hard upbringing only propelled him into superstardom as you can read in magazines like The Source and XXL. Eminem took his humble beginnings and built a career.

Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers) was born on October 17, 1972, in Kansas City, Missouri where he lived for twelve years until he moved to Detroit. He never had much of a chance to make friends moving every other month because his mother continued to get evicted for the lack of pay. Eminem went to school up to the 9th grade where he failed three times before dropping out. He then continued to strive for that record deal to make him famous. While trying to achieve his goal he little Haile Jade Scott was born on December 25, 1995 with long time girlfriend Kim Scott. (Eminem homepage) Eminem continued to rap after the birth of his daughter entering into 97 Rap Olympics in Las Angeles that produced 1,500 to the 1st place winner. Eminem furiously came in 2nd desperately needing the money not knowing that a few producers had seen him from Interscope. Finally he had the opportunity to show what he is made of with Dr. Dre, Dr. Dre was so impressed after hearing Eminem free styling on a Los Angeles radio station that he put out a manhunt for the Michigan rhymer. (Eminem homepage) a famous rap producer that wanted to open the doors for Eminem. The two instantly hit it off, recording four songs in the there first six hours of working - three that made it to his first LP. (Eminem Bio.) Now officially making it, Marshall and Dre set to make his second LP. The album became the Marshall Mathers LP and won 3 Grammies and was the first rap album ever to be nominated 'Album of the Year', selling more than 8 million records in the United States alone. (Eminem Bio.) Eminem continues to succeed with the his partners who started his career for him although he continues to face many difficult times between the media, his mother and the long conflicting relationship between him and his girlfriend. After they had broken up they had obviously still talked, either about there relationship of for the sake of their daughter Hailie who means more to Eminem then anyone in the world at this point of his life. I wanted to be a family to Kim and Hailie and raise my daughter the right way and not cut on her like my father did to me. My family is all I have ever fought for and all I've ever tried to protect. The only thing I'm scared of is being taken away from my little girl. (Chuck Weiner) Eminem was also scared to raise a family and wasn't sure if he would have sufficient funds or know how too. When my daughter was born I was so scared I wouldn't be able to raise her and support her, as a father should. Her first two Christmases we had nothing, but this last Christmas, when she turned three she had so many f*ckin' presents under the tree, she kept opening them saying, 'this one's for me too?' My daughter wasn't born with a silver spoon in her mouth. But she's got one now! (Chuck Weiner) Eminem can't help but to spoil his little girl being that he feels it was degrading that way his mother treated him. If my mother is f*ckin' cruel enough, knowing she didn't help me get where I'm at, try to take food out of my mouth and out of my daughter's mouth, try to take me for everything that I have, then I'm not holding back on this album. She's always been out to get me, and now she knows I have money so she won't leave be alone. I know that's not a nice thing to say about your mother, but unfortunately it's true. (Chuck Weiner) Eminem has so much hate toward his mother that has built up in all the recent years in his life that he will do anything to keep Hailie happy and keep a healthy relationship between the two of them. His mom on the other he can't seem to forgive because of all of the grief and trouble that she has put him threw.

Eminem has psychologically turned 360 degrees throughout his life. From the fighting and confusion with his mother, never meeting his father to being one the biggest success stories in rap history. The best example is an experiment of Eminems anger management, after he had started to rise he would get opinions from people saying "Your white, why are you rapping" & "Go play Rock and Role" and he said that drove him angrier and angrier and he emphasized it throughout his lyrics. Eminem was probably born as a kid with no chemical imbalances, but after his mother put him threw so much hell after he has grown up he may have a chemical imbalance and not be able to control some of his emotions that he feels when people disrespect him. When he is presented on T.V. he looks as if he is always sad of something is always bothering him that he can't be proud of his achievements of happy to be where he is and it's got everything to do with his childhood and recent terrible interactions he's had with friends, family and rivals.

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Eminem dances!

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